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Custom and Semi-Custom Orthotics

When walking, cycling, training, or competing the feet and lower limbs are subject to pressure and forces which can cause collapse of the arch of the foot. This collapse may lead to poor alignment of the lower extremities. With repetitive motion (10000+ pedal revolutions an hour with cycling) stresses grow exponentially and non optimal alignment often leads to instability, power loss, injury and fatigue.

In order to perform a thorough biomechanical analysis the feet must be assessed. Addressing and adjusting the foot/pedal or foot/ground interface is imperative in order to achieve efficient pain free function. For this reason, Pedal Power Training Solutions offers Custom and Semi-Custom orthotics for all activities, including cycling, running, walking and court sports. If an orthotic/footbed is needed we will let you know, help you understand why and give you the option to purchase.

Custom orthotic consult involves a thorough evaluation of your feet and lower extremities. Your feet will be scanned and measured. Information will be gathered and sent to the laboratory. Fabrication takes up to 3 weeks.