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Private and small group instruction

We once has a client ask "if you want to learn golf, you go see a golf pro, why isn't there the same for cycling?" This is a great question, as knowing how to correctly ride a bicycle, is more than just getting on and pedaling.

If you would like on the bicycle technique instruction and critique, Pedal Power coaches are available for private and small group sessions. We work with new cyclists as well as veterans. We are well versed in teaching/reviewing pedal technique, proper form, climbing skills, cornering, proper cadence, as well as mountain bike and cyclocross technique.

Some common requests are:

  • - 1-on-1 ride alongs

  • - Small group tutorials - road, mountain bike, or cyclocross

  • - Indoor training classes - sessions to keep you fit in the winter and beyond

  • - Exclusive training camps - we will take you anywhere you want to ride. Pick a destination, and we will plan the routes and all necessary logistics for you.

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