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Customized Monthly Training Plans

Pedal Power Training Solutions will help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they seem. Having a Pedal Power coach will give you the advantage you need to succeed whether you are a veteran racer, or a club enthusiast. Don't race? No problem. We coach all types of cyclists from professional athletes to charity event riders to hobbyists.

Are you a time crunched athlete? We have that covered too. We specialize in quality training programs which help you succeed while balancing work, family and life. At PPTS we look at the whole athlete to get the proper understanding of how training fits in. Then we provide a scientifically based program tailored to each individual's needs and goals.

After an initial consultation, you will be provided a monthly plan based around your goals, events, fitness level, history, physiology and time constraints. You'll receive a comprehensive day-to-day schedule to follow as well as important exercises to do each week. We will discuss nutrition, ride/race strategy, technique, and other topics necessary to improve overall performance.

At PPTS we will review your workout files utilizing the metrics you have available to you. We work with athletes utilizing any or all of the following: power data, HR data, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) data. We analyze this data, provide feedback, and monitor/adjust your program to keep you focused and on track.

Pedal Power offers one full service training package. Tiered programs don't sit well with us. We feel that each client should receive and deserves a comprehensive full service program. As such, we do not limit coach/client contact, and we do not offer tiered packages. Instead we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service at an affordable price.

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