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Biomechanical Bicycle Fitting Services

Sara Bresnick is able to focus on the marriage between body and machine making the necessary adjustments for efficient pain free cycling.

Why Pedal Power for bicycle fitting? This is not a one-size fits all approach. As a licensed physical therapist, Sara completed six years of study on the human body focusing on biomechanics. She has mentored and trained with leaders in the field of bike fit. Sara has been riding/racing all types of bicycles for 20+ years. You will not find anyone with a better skillset and experience to get you or keep you riding pain free and to the best of your ability.

Included in Bicycle Fit Services:

  • - Comprehensive questioning regarding cycling history, complaints, concerns, injury.
  • - Assessment of body; including muscle length, hip alignment, hip rotation, leg length, lower extremity/foot alignment.
  • - Laser tracking to better assess lower extremity alignment.
  • - Advanced tooling to enable precision placing of cleats on cycling shoes.
  • - Distribution of exercise program for any problem areas if needed.
  • - Foot assessment and ability to evaluate and fit for custom/semi-custom cycle orthotics/footbeds.

Additionally, Sara has the ability to set you up with custom or semi-custom cycling-specific orthotics as part of this service.

A comprehensive fitting will take 1.5 hours. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.